Double flange Butterfly Valve

Our butterfly valves have been very commonly used in various water supply schemes all over India for past 2 decades. Irrespective of sizes, pressure ratings, fluids handled, type of operators etc. our BF valves are the most preferred choice of the discerning customers. We have also kept our valves in tune with the latest technological advancements in materials, manufacturing, pattern making & foundry & operators fields.

This has enabled us to offer valves from 50mm to 4000mm sizes in pressure ratings of 6 to 40bar, in Cast / Fabricated constructions in Cast Iron, Carbon & Alloy Steels & Stainless Steels & also rubber-lined variety. The types of operators offered are Manual, Electrical, Pneumatic & Electro- Hydraulic.

  • Double flange Butterfly Valve
  • Double flange Butterfly Valve
  • Double flange Butterfly Valve
Size Range(Upto 2000mm ISI-Marked) 50mm to 600mm (Wafer-moulded rubber lined body) 200mm to 4000mm (Flanged - Renewable Soft Seal on Disc)
Mfg/ Design Std IS 13095/BS 5155/AWWA C504/ BS EN 593 / API 609
Type of valve Wafer (Centric /Concentric) & Double Flanged (Single/Double Eccentric)
Pressure Rating PN 1.0/ PN 1.6
Flanged End IS: 1538 (Tab-4&6)
Body CI or DI
Body Seat S.S., IS:6603 or AISI-304/316
Seal Retaing Ring S.S., IS:6603 or AISI-304/316
Shaft S.S., IS:6603 or AISI-/410304/316
Disc Seal/Body Lining Nitrile/EPDM/Viton/BUNA-N
Actuation Lever, Gear with Handwheel, Electric/Pnuematic Actuator
Special Features
  • Available in wafer single flange/ wafer Lugged design
  • The Integral liner concept in fall safe design
  • Suitable for Bi-Directional installation to zero leakage.
  • Less wear and tear of seal and longer life self-cleaning and non- jamming seat design
  • On request metal seling design (Upto 600mm dia)
  • Available in Cast steel, Faricated Steel & D. I.