Fire Hydrant

Underground Fire Hydrant are hydrants with watering nozzles under the ground and the cover above ground. The hydrant consists of a shaft that controls the valve, a spring-loaded check valve that acts as an automatic discharge, and cast parts and hose connection fitting (worm mouth) that make up the main body. With the help of the hydrant switch, the shaft is controlled and the opening and closing process is realized. The spring check valve on the body prevents freezing in cold weather by draining the water in the hydrant when there is no water use.

  • Fire Hydrant
  • Fire Hydrant
  • Fire Hydrant
Body c. I IS :210-1972 FG-200
Valve Seat 0. M IS : 318.1981 LTB-2
Washer RUBBER IS : 937-198
Valve G.M. IS : 318-1981 LTB-2
Spindle Nut G.M. m:318-1981 LBT-2
Bonnet c. I IS : 210-1978 FG-200
Spindle Brass IS:319-1989
Gland C. I IS:210-1978 FG-200
Grush Screw ( 12 mm ) M.S. IS:6094-I 98 1
Spindle Cap C.I. IS:210-1978 FG-200
Drain Bolt M.S.  
Outlet G.M. IS:318-1981LTB-2
Cap C.I. IS:210-1978 FG-200
Chain GAL.MS  
Nut and Bolt MS