Kinetic Air Release Valve

Air valves are hydro-mechanical devices designed to automatically release air and wastewater gases or admit air during the filling, draining or operation of liquid piping systems for water and wastewater services.

Air can be drawn in the pipeline through pipeline leaks, at damaged joint seals, through leaking valve packing, and through any loose and leaking flange connection. Noisy water pipes caused by air will sound like vibrating and rapid ticking. The sound can be loud and annoying. Air release valves are installed at the highest points in a pipeline where air naturally collects. Air bubbles enter the valve and displace the liquid inside, lowering the liquid level. When the level drops to where it no longer buoys the float, the float drops.

  • Kinetic Air Release Valve
  • Kinetic Air Release Valve
  • Kinetic Air Release Valve
Size Range 40mm to 200mm (ISI-Marked)
Mfg/ Design Std IS 14845 & G&K Catalogue, IS 14845 & BS 5163 for Isolating Sluice Valve
Type of valve Double Orifice Tamper proof
Pressure Rating PN 1.0/ PN 1.6
Flanged End IS: 1538 (Tab-4&6)
Body & Other C.I Parts CI or DI
Orifice L. T. B. to IS:318 Gr.2/ S.S., IS: 6603 or AISI -304/316
High Pressure Float / Ball Rubber Coated Seasoned Wood
Low Pressure Float Ebonite/ Vulcanite coated seasoned wood
Low Pressure Seal Ring Nitrile/Natural Rubber
Trim matl. of S/Valve L.T.B./S.S./Barss
Optional Float/ Ball S.S. to AISI 304
Actuation Isolating valve operate by Cap/Hand Wheel