Non Return Valve

We offers complete range of check valves with heavy duty, bolted cover, renewable seat ring, and body mounted disc swing type. Valves are straight through flow which works automatically. They are opened by the force of velocity pressure and closed by the force of gravity and back pressure. The valves are single direction flow and restrains flow in opposite direction. Distortion, wear and noisy operation of the valve can be avoided by selecting the size of the valve on the basis of flow conditions. Flow directions are marked as cast on the body for ease of installation. Swing Check valves are adequate for all service media. Valves can also be supplied with counter weights and dash pot arrangement depending upon the condition and request.

No penetration of hinge pin to outside eliminating possibility of pin seal leakage and allowing for in-line service.

Compact cage unit: all moving parts are attached to the carrier and can be removed easily for service.

  • Non Return Valve
  • Non Return Valve
  • Non Return Valve
Size Range 50mm to 700mm (Single door type) -Upto 600mm ISI Marked
500mm to 1500 (Multi-door type)
Mfg/Design Std IS 5312 (Pt-1)/BS 5153 & G&K Catalogue
Type of Valve Swing Check type
Pressure Rating PN 1.0/ PN 1.6/-Class 125
Flanged End IS:1538 (Tab-4&6). On Request - BS/ANSI/AWWA/DIN/BSEN
Body & Other C.I Parts CI or DI
Seat ring L.T.B to IS:318 Gr.2/ S.S./ IS: 6603 or AISI-304/316
Hinge Pin S.S to IS: 6603/AISI-410/304/316 or Brass
Optional disc matl C.S./S.S./Brass
Optional disc Natural/Synthetic/EPDM/Neoprene rubber
Additional Accessories By-Pass, Lever with spring/dashpot/Counter weight/Air Plug
Special Feature
  • Full flow area, Heavy duty valve. Low head loss
  • Face to face dimension available in ANSI B 16.10/AWWA C508 (Single Door)
  • Resilient Seat or metal to metal
  • Rubber lining available (only for single door valve)
  • Uni-directional and self acting fluid operation
  • Mounted in the horizontal/vertical position
  • Multi-door valve highly sophisticated with slam resistance properties
  • Multi-door valve used for high branch velocities
  • Available in Cast steel & Ductile Iron